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Foods and Wines from Spain. Everything you should know about Spanish food. >> Customs & Traditions


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Customs & Traditions

Can I make tapas at home?
What is a menú del día (menu of the day)?
In Spain, gastronomy and religious festivities often go hand in hand. What are the traditional dishes for times like Christmas and Easter?
When are mealtimes in Spain?
What are the gastronomic societies in the Basque Country?
In the south of Spain, tuna are caught using a method called the almadraba. What does this involve?
Do Spaniards drink sangría?
Is it true that after lunch all Spaniards take a siesta?
What are casas de comida (eatearies) houses?
Is Spanish food spicy?
Can you drink tap water in Spain?
What is the traditional breakfast in Spain?
How come in some beach resorts in Spain one doesn't get to taste the wonderful gastronomy of the country?
What are tapas? How do you ask for tapas and where?
People say Spaniards are pasta eaters like the Italians. Is it true?
What is the matanza?
Is fast food popular in Spain?
Is it true that Spanish people eat a lot of fish?
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