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Foods and Wines from Spain. Everything you should know about Spanish food. >> FAQ


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What do Crianza, Reserva and Gran Reserva mean?
What is the most representative grape variety of Spain?
How is Sherry produced and why, usually, does it not have a vintage?

How many types of sherry are there?

Is cava only produced in Catalonia?

How can you discover the range of wine tourism in Spain?

What are the main guides to wines from Spain?
What is the difference between a DOP and a qualified DO?

Where can I find Spanish wines in my country?

What is Wines of Spain?
What are Spain's main rivers?
How long is Spain's coastline?
What ingredients do you need to make a Spanish tortilla (omelet)?
What is the oldest Protected Designation of Origin (PDO) for a cheese?
Which Spanish restaurants have been awarded three stars?
What is sofrito?
Can I make tapas at home?
What is a menú del día (menu of the day)?
Where is the Orange Museum?
In Spain, gastronomy and religious festivities often go hand in hand. What are the traditional dishes for times like Christmas and Easter?
What are garlic soups, also known as sopas castellanas?
What are the health benefits of consuming olive oil?
Who was the first to use spherification in the kitchen? What does it entail?
It is true that Spain is the most mountainous country in Europe?
Where on this website can I find information about recipe books published by Ferran Adrià?
Is there such a thing as a national dish in Spain?
When are mealtimes in Spain?
What are the ingredients of Valencian-style arroz en paella? How is it made?
Why did Spanish gastronomy only become world-famous recently, unlike Italian and French cuisine?
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