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In depth features about Spanish food and gastronomy.| Foods from Spain


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Grape, Olive, Pig book by Roads & Kingdoms. @Matt Goulding

Grape, Olive, Pig: A Love Letter to Spain
Matt Goulding Gets to the Heart of Spain's Gastronomy

Adrienne Smith/©ICEX
Rioja & Roll winemakers. @James Sturck

Rioja 'n' Roll
Young winemakers from Rioja prove "in grapes we trust"

Adrienne Smith/©ICEX
Ibérico ham

The 10 foods that define Spanish gastronomy
Ibérico ham, olive oil and cheeses, are among the Top 5 items in the Spanish pantry.

Rodrigo García/©ICEX
Ibérico ham

Tatel, Spain's new ambassador in Miami
Chefs Nino Redruello and Nicholas Mazier are the culinary directors of this Spanish restaurant

Rodrigo García Fernández/©ICEX

Spanish Strawberry Success
Spain is the world’s largest exporter of fresh strawberries

Adrienne Smith/©ICEX.

Women chefs (I)
Over a Hot Stove

Raquel Castillo/©ICEX
elBarri Adrià in Barcelona

The Many Flavors of the elBarri by Albert Adrià
Albert Adrià and elBarri Keep the Culinary Hits Coming in Barcelona

Adrienne Smith/©ICEX
The 10 most characteristic Spanish dishes. Tortilla

The 10 Most Characteristic Dishes in Spanish Cuisine
Tortilla de patatas, cochinillo, gazpacho… Is it possible to choose only 10?

Rodrigo García Fernández/©ICEX
Muscat of Alexandría. Moscatel de Alejandría. Jorge Ordoñez winery in Málaga, Spain.

Muscat of Alexandria: Nectar of the Ancients
Moscatel de Alejandría's enduring appeal

Adrienne Smith/©ICEX

Tasting Tapas with El Greco
Art and gourmet food combine along a route through Toledo following in the painter's footstep.

Rodrigo García Fernández/©ICEX.
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