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Foodpedia. A small encyclopedia about Spanish food and wine | Foods and Wines from Spain


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Casa Gerardo. 50 Steps of Contemporary Cuisine

Pedro and Marcos Morán

Casa Gerardo

This 240-page tome brings together fifty keys to Casa Gerardo restaurant's longstanding success, keys that might take the form of an ingredient, a concept, a service point, or a way of understanding cuisine.

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Los Once. Spanish Future Chefs

Pau Arenós

destacado Los Once

Eleven. That’s the key number used by Spanish Food journalist and writer Pau Arenós to present his personal point of view about the future of Spanish avant-garde cuisine.

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Food Glossary

Highlighted Food terms

Paella,Pulpo a feira,Queimada,Txikito,Verdial de Huévar.

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Wine Glossary

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