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Spanish fine fish preserves. Albacore tuna and others.

Albacore tuna and other Spanish fine fish preserves
You only have to glance at Spain to imagine the rich and varied traditional fish dishes in Spanish cuisine, including those featuring fish preserves.

Pimentón: Spanish Paprika. Tradition, cultivation area, types, denominations of origin.

Spanish Pimentón
Pimentón is the reddish powder obtained by grinding dried red pepper. Its origins can be traced back to Spanish culture. Today it is still an essential ingredient for understanding Spanish cuisine.


Extra Virgin Olive Oil from Spain
Extra virgin olive oil is a well-known food product from Spain. Learn how olive trees are grown, which are our main indigenous olive varieties and how does an olive mill work.


Ibérico Pig Fresh Meat Cuts
Ibérico pig is a native breed from the Iberian Peninsula. The cuts of fresh meat obtained from Ibérico pigs are exclusive to this breed. Discover their names and why they are so healthy and tasty.


History of Olive Oil in Spain
Since the pre-Roman period to the 21st century; from traditional cooking to avant-garde cuisine. Throughout history olive oil has become a top of the line product from Spain.

Interactive maps

Interactive maps to Spanish wines, cheeses, Ibérico ham and EVOO
Here you will be able to locate Spanish wines, cheeses, Ibérico ham and EVOO protected regions with an interactive google positioning maps. The site is also linked to product information and to pdf downloadable maps.

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