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Food history: a Spanish view

From Paleolithic to present-day

Do you ever wonder about the background story behind the foods we eat today?

The history of food in the Western World is a fascinating subject, and Spain's key role in giving it shape dates back over many centuries.

Spain is often referred to as a melting pot of cultures, its position at a geographical crossroads having exposed it down the ages to many and varied cultural influences, not least on the culinary front. The Phoenician conquest back in 1200 BC provided a boost for olive oil and nut production, and both have remained export staples ever since. After its settlement by the Romans (1st c. BC), Iberia not only continued as a fount of olive oil, but also became known for its excellent ham - Ibérico then as now - and coveted garum sauce. The arrival of the Moors in the 8th century introduced many new foodstuffs - spices, cane sugar, eggplants. - which subsequently spread throughout Europe. The historic events of 1492 would later mark the start of a whole new chapter in Western food history.

This new section places the products we export today in their historical context. Happy browsing!

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