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Asturias wine region | Foods and Wines from Spain
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Vineyards near Cangas del Narcea (Asturias). Photo by: VC Vino de Cangas.

Vineyards near Cangas del Narcea (Asturias). Photo by: VC Vino de Cangas.

Wine from Spain



The wine production area in Asturias is the one located near Cangas del Narcea. The area of grapes production for winemaking protected by the Quality Wine VC Cangas, consists of the land considered particularly suitable -based on purely technical criteria- for the production of the necessary quality grapes. 


In production areas of Cangas Quality Wines, landscape is rugged and mountainous. Settled on its slopes we find vineyards, on steep slopes which make their maintenance and cultivation so difficult, heroic. Visiting the area is like go back to the past: forests and ancient vineyards, traditional trades.... A mixture of tradition and development in viticulture results, in wine, getting a top quality raw material. 


Wines from Cangas are made with the following grape varieties, all of them indigenous from Spain: Albarín Blanco, Albillo, Moscatel de Grano Menudo (whites); Albarín Negro, Carrasquí, Mencía and Verdejo Negro (reds)


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