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Catalonia wine region | Foods and Wines from Spain
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Cava winery in Catalonia wine region. Rafael Vargas/©ICEX.

Cava winery in Catalonia wine region. Rafael Vargas/©ICEX.

Wine from Spain


The region of Catalonia is located in northeast Spain and includes the provinces of Barcelona, Girona, Lleida and Tarragona and is on the Mediterranean coast. Its capital is Barcelona.


Catalonian wines enjoy great prestige and Cava is a landmark amongst the world's sparkling wines. Other designations of origin in the region are DOCa Priorat, DO Montsant, DO Penedès, DO Terra Alta, DO Alella, DO Tarragona, DO Costers del Segre, DO Catalunya, DO Plà de Bagés, DO Conca de Barberà and DO Empordà


In Cataluña, which occupies triangle-shaped area south of the border with France in Spain’s northeast, elevation as well as proximity and exposure to the sea are crucial to understanding what is made there and why. The vineyards of the area may be fairly moderate and coastal, as in Alella, or remote and mountainous, as in Priorat. This area is home to 90% of the country’s total Cava wine production, but the exotic, powerful, warm and mineral-laden wines of Priorat also are made within its borders

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