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Spanish Recipes: traditional, tapas and avant-garde recipes cooked by Spanish chefs. | Foods from Spain
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Recipes A-Z in English


In English Main ingredient Author
Adaptation of Santiago tart, with calamondin orangeSpanish almondsRodrigo de la Calle
Ajoarriero Salt CodSpanish olive oil
Almond and garlic cold soupSpanish almonds
Almond cakeSpanish almonds
Almond milk, rose-flavored spun sugar and pomegranateSpanish almondsKiko Moya
Alubia de La Bañeza beans in a pickle sauce with rabbitSpanish beansCarlos D. Cidón
Anchovies and red pepper sandwichSpanish anchovies
Anchovies marinated in Sherry vinegar with caramelized onion and Manzanilla olive sorbet with orange and lemon juiceSpanish Sherry vinegarDani García
Anchovies on toastSpanish preserved fish
Andalusian fried fishSpanish olive oil
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