2018 Guía Repsol Unveils New Edition

The 2018 edition of the Guía Repsol hit the shelves last week, delighting fans with a new look and new content to accompany the steadfast reliability of this venerated guide.

News | Feb 20 2018

“Foodpairing” with Arturo Sánchez

Venerated Spanish ham company Arturo Sánchez has continued its ongoing quest for innovation and excellence, this time thanks to a food and wine pairing initiative in conjunction with several noted Spanish chefs.

Spanish craft beers

Craft Beers from Spain

Around 650 brands of beer and 441 beer-making facilities gives an indication of the dizzy heights reached by the artisan or craft beer industry in Spain, which already accounts for over 1% of sales volumes and slightly less in terms of production, but the trend is upwards.