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J BY JOSÉ ANDRÉS Premieres in Mexico | Foods and Wines From Spain


J BY JOSÉ ANDRÉS Premieres in Mexico

11 Nov 2015

Spain Meets Mexico.

It took a little more than expected, but the spirit of José Andrés’ Jaleo finally made it to Mexico.

Author: Rosa María González Lamas/©ICEX


Spain’s best known culinary ambassador in North America is now set to conquer new territories South of the Mexican border with the opening of J BY JOSÉ ANDRÉS, a new dining concept that will allow guests to enjoy a unique approach to Spanish cuisine, marking the international debut of ThinkFoodGroup and the chef’s first collaboration with W Hotels.

Located at W Hotel Mexico City, J BY JOSÉ ANDRÉS playfully presents the flavors of Spain, while incorporating dishes unique to Mexico, which results in a menu that celebrates the rich historical and cultural connections between both countries. The name serves as a nod to its chef and founder, while referencing Andrés’ flagship Spanish brand, Jaleo, which translates to revelry and fun.

From Spanish Coca topped with sea urchin, to the legendary Jamón Ibérico, to a classic fried egg served with caviar, J BY JOSÉ ANDRÉS elevates specialties from Spain into a truly unique culinary adventure. Dishes that represent “Spain Meets Mexico” integrate authentic and iconic ingredients from both countries, such as a classic Mexican Torta featuring Spanish Mollete bread or Mexico’s Queso Fundido made with Spanish cheeses.

“We explore the reciprocal influences and the way Spanish and Mexican cuisines interrelate,” explained Chef Ramón Martínez, Executive Chef of Jaleo Restaurants, to Martínez spent two months in Mexico training staff and preparing the opening of J BY JOSE ANDRES. “We have our own taco versions, like the lettuce taco with beef tongue marinated Moruno-style, with Arab-influenced seasonings as cumin. Another version takes pan de cristal, painted with olive oil, and shaped as a tortilla for a taco with braised oxtail,” Martínez detailed. There also is a deconstructed tortilla española with squash blossom, smoked mussels in escabeche, a “piquillo en nogada” replicating one of Mexico’s most popular recipes, chile en nogada, prepared with a Spanish ingredient, and also Asturian corn tortos, with egg and onion confit. The Mexican chef at the helm of J BY JOSÉ ANDRÉS trained at Jaleo Las Vegas.

The cocktail list featured at J BY JOSÉ ANDRÉS includes reinterpreted Spanish classics with Mexican influences. Its wine list focuses on the classic regions of Spain’s celebrated wineries, as well as the best of its emerging winemakers and styles. Complementing the Spanish selection are dynamic wines from Mexico.

Spanish architect Juli Capella has once again been responsible for the restaurant’s interior design, which replicates signature items of José Andrés’ projects, such as the foosball table or a bull’s head. J BY JOSÉ ANDRÉS features an indoor garden, a terrace and a beautiful tapas room-tapas bar with bright orange tones. J BY JOSÉ ANDRÉS is a fine dining restaurant, but with a fun, casual, and lively spirit.

W Hotel Mexico City and its J BY JOSÉ ANDRÉS are located on Campos Elíseos 252, in Polanco.

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