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US Chefs As Spanish Gastronomy Ambassadors | Foods & Wines from Spain


US Chefs As Spanish Gastronomy Ambassadors

16 Feb 2017

Madrid provides US chefs with internships at Michelin-star restaurants in the city

An event in New York will be held on February 28th to promote Madrid’s gastronomy as well as its culture, shopping options and natural heritage

Author: Samara Kamenecka/@ICEX


Madrid’s regional government has implemented an initiative which aims to spread love for Spanish gastronomy in the US. Through this project, internships are provided to US chefs, giving them the opportunity to spend three months training at a top Spanish restaurant. The objective is to promote Spain as a culinary destination, and for the chefs to return to the States as ambassadors for Spanish cuisine.

The seven Michelin-star restaurants participating this year are Club Allard, Santceloni, A’Barra, Alabaster, Álbora, Coque and Gaytán. The chefs will be in Madrid from April 1st to June 30th.

A special event will be held on February 28th at the restaurant Huertas, in New York, the goal of which will be to promote Spain as an excellent destination to visit, focusing on its gastronomy but also highlighting cultural options, natural heritage, and shopping as additional fortes. Madrid region will also be promoted as a tourist destination at the Careers Through Culinary Arts Program Annual Gala on March 8th, which will also be held in New York.

Although efforts to boost culinary tourism in Spain continue, at present 23% of tourists visit Madrid region to sample its gastronomic treasures, as it’s home to 19 restaurants with Michelin star


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