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Spanish Cities in 2017 Michelin Guide | Foods & Wines from Spain


Spanish Cities in 2017 Michelin Guide

17 Mar 2017

Major Cities Highlighted in Gastronomy Guide

Madrid, Barcelona and Valencia are the three Spanish cities chosen for this year's edition of the "Michelin Guide for the Main Cities of Europe".

Author: Adrienne Smith/@ICEX

This gastronomy guide to Europe features 2,332 restaurants in forty-four cities in twenty countries in Europe.

In addition to serving as a handy reference book for gastronomes traveling through Europe, the guide also highlights countries like Hungary and Poland, that as of yet do not have dedicated guides of their own.

Spain is represented in the 2017 edition of this guide by the forty-one Michelin-starred restaurants in these three cities, including the only new three-starred restaurant this year: Barcelona's Lasarte.



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