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Spanish Pork Exports Triumph | Foods & Wines from Spain


Spanish Pork Exports Triumph

20 Apr 2017

Growth trend continues for important industry

Not only is Spain among the world's top exporters of pork, but it is also enjoying a period of unrelenting growth in international demand for this quality Spanish product.

Author: Adrienne Smith/@ICEX


Spanish pork exports grew by 27.9% in January of this year with respect to the previous year – an increase that represented total export sales for this month valued at 378 million euros.

According to data compiled by the Interprofessional Food and Agricultural Organization for White Pork (Organización Interprofesional Agroalimentaria del Porcino de Capa Blanca), or Interporc – which represents over 90% of the Spanish pork industry – part of this growth is due to French imports worth 64 million euros, and a strong showing by China, which imported some 60 million euros worth of Spanish pork products in January of 2017, representing a staggering 73% increase. For its part, Italy was responsible for 32 million euros worth of imports, followed by Japan with 31.7 million euros, Portugal with 23.5 million euros and Germany with 17 million euros worth of Spanish pork imports.

These numbers went hand in hand with an increase in sales volume, which reached 170,703 tons of products including tocino (lard), pancetta, fresh pork, scraps and, of course, Spain's famed cured hams, among other things. Again, China was largely responsible for this volumetric growth, with its volume of Spanish pork imports increasing by 58.8% in January of 2017 with regard to the previous year. Other significant markets in terms of volume during this time period included France, Italy, Japan, Portugal, South Korea, Hong Kong, the United Kingdom, Germany, Poland and the Philippines.


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