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Sherry Sales Expected to Grow by 18% by 2021 | Foods & Wines from Spain


Sherry Sales Expected to Grow by 18% by 2021

21 Apr 2017

Premium sherry sales are being boosted by interest by younger consumers and the drink’s popularity in high-end restaurants

The premium segment of the sherry market is the most promising, as consumers lean towards higher quality drinks

Author: Samara Kamenecka/@ICEX


The prospects for Sherry are looking up, according to a recent article in In fact, the International Wines and Spirits Record (IWSR) predicts that premium Sherry sales will expand by an impressive 18% by 2021, maintaining the upward trend visible since 2011, although at a slower rate. This is believed to be attributable, at least in part, to younger consumers and the popularity of Sherry in high-end Spanish restaurants in the UK.

According to Mauricio González Gordon, the Chairman of González Byass, “We are quite excited about the latest numbers on Sherry. We feel that consumers’ attitudes are changing. We are seeing a lot of younger consumers coming into the category and there is a lot of activity at the top end, talking about Sherry by the press and sommeliers.” González also noted that lesser known and drier styles are piquing the most interest.

This boost is also attributable to the fact that sherry is now considered an appropriate drink to accompany a wide range of dishes. Restaurants are offering different sherries with their “small plates”, which allow consumers to try several different kinds in one sitting.

It’s worth noting, however, that it’s the premium end of the market that’s performing well. Says González, “Consumers are looking to drink less, but of a higher quality, and the value and quality of premium Spanish wines is increasing. Sherry producers need to put their efforts behind its value.”

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