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Lizarran Opens its First Gastrobar in Florida | Foods & Wines from Spain


Lizarran Opens its First Gastrobar in Florida

16 Jun 2017

 The Spanish brand has set up shop in Hialeah and has plans to expand in Miami, and in the US, in the future

Lizarran has brought its famous pintxos to every corner of the world, from Europe and Asia to Latin America and Africa

Author: Adrienne Smith/@ICEX


Lizarran has officially landed… in Florida! One of Spain’s most well-known restaurant chains, which specializes in serving delicious Basque pintxos, has opened its first gastrobar next to Westland Mall in Hialeah. Pintxos are small snacks served on a slice of bread and skewered with a toothpick.

Menu highlights include foie with caramelized onion and vinegar; lettuce, cheese, honey and smoked salmon; and Spanish omelet with Ibérico pork shoulder. The focus is savory bites inspired by the Mediterranean Diet, usually paired with beer or wine, made using the freshest ingredients.

The brand, which originally launched in Sitges, Barcelona three decades ago, has plans to open additional restaurants in other parts of Miami, and the US in general, in the coming years as part of its ambitious growth plans. It already operates throughout Europe, Latin America, Africa and Asia.

Says the Group’s Marketing Director, Sofia Alonso, “We want to adapt our cuisine to the [unique qualities] of the local public. We have in store [several] specialties [designed specifically] for American consumers. We want to be an American restaurant that serves fresh, high-quality Spanish food.”




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