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New Quescrem Yogur Culinario! | Foods & Wines from Spain


New Quescrem Yogur Culinario!

19 Jun 2017

Quescrem has launched a new product for the world of professional chefs.

Yoghurt for Professional Chefs

Author: Adrienne Smith/@ICEX


This "Yogur Culinario" (culinary yoghurt) is the result of years of research carried out by the company's R+D department. The result is a concentrated yoghurt (twice as concentrated as Greek yoghurt) with a high percentage of fat and protein. Its texture is similar to that of a creamy cheese, and its intense yoghurt flavor makes it an ideal ingredient for any number of dishes, including foams and mousses, ice creams, sauces, cakes and more. 

This 100% natural product is made using top-quality ingredients, with no added aromas or stabilizers. It has a shelf-life of six months,

Galician company Quescrem boasts a wide range of quality products for the restaurant and hospitality industries. To help the company in the launch of this unique product, it has turned to several well-known Galician chefs – all members of the Nove group, a collective of chefs from this region that work to promote both the area's traditional and avant-garde cuisine.




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