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José Andrés to Receive the "Golden Olive 2017"


José Andrés to Receive the "Golden Olive 2017"

11 Aug 2017

Spanish Chef Honored at Annual Festival

USA-based, Spanish chef José Andrés has been named as the recipient of the 2017 "Aceituna de Oro" recognition, handed out at the annual Feria de Verdeo in the town of Arahal (Seville).

Author: Adrienne Smith/ICEX



This Spanish pueblo, which holds the title for the town that produces the most olives of any town in the world, has been celebrating this festival for fifty-one years. Each year, its organizers select one person who has stood out for his or her promotion of the olive industry to receive its highest award, the "Golden Olive".

This year, this honor has fallen to Asturian chef José Andrés, who will travel to Arahal this September from the United States to collect this coveted award. Andrés is currently the spokesperson for the campaign "A tasty message from Europe. Have an Olive Day!", sponsored by the European Union and the Spanish Inter-Professional Table Olive Organization, INTERACEITUNA.









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