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Galicia to Welcome "Worldwide Tuna Conference"


Galicia to Welcome "Worldwide Tuna Conference"

11 Aug 2017

"Vigo 2017" is coming this September

The eight edition of the Congreso Mundial del Atún "Vigo 2017" will be held in Vigo (Galicia) this September 11th and 12th.

Author: Adrienne Smith/ICEX



Organized by the Asociación Nacional de Fabricantes de Conservas Pesqueras (ANFACO-CECOPESCA), this conference promises to turn the Spanish coastal city of Vigo into the world epicenter for all things tuna for the duration of this two-day conference.

Held every two years, this conference brings together more than three-hundred representatives from large tuna companies all over the world, representing more than 90% of global tuna production.

Held within the framework of the International Forum for the Conservation of Fishing Products, the Worldwide Tuna Conference serves as both a networking event and a platform to analyze and discuss pressing issues that affect today's tuna industry. These might include themes relating to sales and marketing issues, as well as those concerning conservation, sustainability, management, current industry trends, and more.









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