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The Great Sherry Tasting in London, a Resounding Success


The Great Sherry Tasting in London, a Resounding Success

13 Sep 2017

Sherry is increasingly popular in the UK, and sales are expected to expand another 18% by 2021.

The masterclasses and cocktail workshop were sold out as fans sought to learn more about Spain’s fortified wines.

Author: Samara Kamenecka/ICEX


It’s official: the Great Sherry Tasting, held in London on Monday, was a success in every way. Now in its 6th edition, a total of 28 producers were represented and around 200 wines were on hand and available for tasting. The masterclasses and cocktail workshop were sold out, as Sherry fans came out in droves to attend the one-day event. The event attracted both novices and experts alike, and offered something for everyone.

The Tasting simply confirmed that the outlook for Spain’s most famous fortified wine is positive. According to the Chairman of the DO Jerez and Manzanilla Regulatory Council: "This past year has continued to provide good news for our Sherry business in the UK - with new Sherry bars continuing to pop up in metropolitan areas; premium sales of Sherry predicated to rise and increasing a further 18% by 2021; as well as Majestic's recent news of growth in Sherry sales of 46%." The Secretary General of FEDEJEREZ, Patricia de la Puerta, added that “The success of the Great Sherry Tasting supports our confidence to increase sales of these outstanding wines in this market. We’re working hard for that and we thank our Sherrylovers for their continuous support. We are optimistic for the future."


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