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Team Guijuelo 2017


Team Guijuelo 2017

14 Sep 2017

 PDO creates elite ham carving force.

Protected Denomination of Origin Guijuelo, a Spanish Ibérico ham producing region par excellence, has announced the creation of the first-ever, official ham carving team.

Author: Adrienne Smith/ICEX


Not only is this team the first in PDO Guijuelo, but it is also a unique concept in Spanish denominations of origin. Comprised of more than twenty-five professional ham carvers who have been named "Accredited Guijuelo Ham Carvers", the creation of this team was made official on the last day of the recently held Salamanca stock fair, Salamaq 2017.

The carvers, whose official uniforms consist of a chef-style jacket that has no little resemblance to a slice of Guijuelo ham, are experts in recognizing the quality and excellence of PDO Guijuelo Ibérico pork products, as well as in the mastery of ham slicing.

The objective of Team Guijuelo 2017, which is an initiative of the denomination's Regulatory Board, is to offer consumers the best possible experience when enjoying PDO Guijuelo ham at different events – both public and private.


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