Spanish Wine Specialist

The Spanish Wine Specialist is an online course is an online course taught through the Wines from Spain e-learning platform. It is a comprehensive course that contains the most relevant information about Spain as a wine country and offers students an overview of its wine regions, with a special focus on Spain’s signature grape varieties.

Contents will include an overview of Spain as a wine country in the world context; an introduction to the captivating history that has shaped the Spanish wine industry as we know it today; relevant information on how to read Spanish wine labels and how to understand our classifications through a painless introduction to Spanish for wine lovers; and, of course, we will cover the most exciting Spanish Wine Territories, the most important grape varieties, their wine styles and key regions as well as our special fortified and sparkling wines. Last but not least, we will round the course out with tips on how to pair our wines with our well-known gastronomy.

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