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Jul 29 2019

Spain in Pink: Floral Aromas, Sensual Wines and Sweet Temptations

Our colorful gastronomic journey through foods and wines from Spain comes to an end with this report. And we're drawing to a close with a color that's soft but also full of life: pink.


The psychology of pink reveals that it's a relaxing color and is associated with being kind, soft and profound, which leads to feelings of affection, love and protection. Pink is a combination of red and black, which are opposites and psychologically converse; as a result, pink, which is an intermediate color, acquires the qualities of both. This color beautifully characterizes many Spanish foods and beverages, and even its landscapes. 

There are some places that stay with you forever once you see them. That's what happens when travelers discover the beauty of the peach tree and almond tree orchards in inland Murcia, close to the town of Cieza. Their pink flowers, in different shades, create a stunning sight. 


If there's a beverage that embodies this beautiful color, it's rosé wine, masterfully made in various DOs such as Navarra, Cigales, Penedès, Málaga and Cariñena, among many others. The smell of these wines reveals notes of sweets, strawberry candy, floral aromas... all very pink.



Pink is also one of the preferred colors of the designers of gourmet food packaging, especially in the premium segment. One example is Uhnico olive oil, and another is Rosa Lafuente's canned fish, from Galicia. Confectionery from leading Spanish pastry chefs often includes berries and strawberries, products of which Spain is a major producer. One example is the delicious cakes and pastries from Mamá Framboise, Madrid-based pastry shops headed by expert pastry chef Alejandro Montes. 


This color also describes delicate products such as prawns—morsels from the sea that are highly appreciated by consumers and chefs. Chefs have also been won over by the appeal of pink flowers, used as an ingredient in their dishes. And to round off the menu on a very tasty note, how about we end with strawberry ice cream, rose petals and wasabi sorbet made by one of Europe's leading ice cream makers, Fernando Sáenz?




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