News | Aug 09 2018

Albert Adrià to Open Dessert-Based Restaurant in London

The chef will serve a range of unique desserts with a “wow factor” along with a selection of top-flight sparkling wines

Albert Adrià is taking the plunge. The Spanish chef and younger brother of Ferran Adrià who gained fame as the incredible pastry chef at their Michelin-star restaurant elBulli, in Roses, is taking his dessert-making skills beyond Spain’s borders.

Alberto runs an empire of successful restaurants in Spain, among them Tickets, Pakta, Hoja Santa and Enigma, but he has his sights set on a new venture, in London. Cakes and Bubbles, as it will be called, will focus on cakes, as the name suggests, and bubbly drinks such as cava, champagne, and other sparkling wines.

Slated to open in November, this new locale will be located off Regent Street, one of London’s busiest streets, in Hotel Café Royal.

The menu has yet to be finalized, but Cakes and Bubbles will serve everything from cheesecakes and ice cream to waffles and handmade chocolate, all of which will have a “wow factor,” according to Albert has confirmed that research and testing has gone in to each recipe, and the dishes served will be extremely special and unique. While the majority will be sweet items, there will be a handful of savory options on the menu as well.



Turron Blanco Albert Adrià

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