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News | Dec 13 2019

Puerto de Indias Launches New Flavored Gin Called Guadalquivir

Guadalquivir, the company’s second unique gin, contains flavors representative of Seville: orange and peach, plus a hint of elderflower.

New Puerto de Indias gin: Guadalquivir

Puerto de Indias, the innovative Sevillian premium gin maker, is at it again. After launching the first strawberry gin ever, which even led to the creation of its own category in the market, the company has another new and exciting product: Guadalquivir.

Guadalquivir was made specifically for gin fans looking to try something new. This unique gin has flavors of peach and orange with a touch of elderflower. These, together with juniper, make this a wholly singular gin with its own personality. The bottle includes references to Seville’s landmarks and history, and when you shine a light on it the green color is meant to reflect the city’s countryside.

This gin was made specifically to be consumed in different ways, whether that’s with tonic, an orange slice and a cinnamon stick or with a lemon or lime soft drink and mint leaves. Both combinations enhance the flavor.

Puerto de Indias was founded in 2013 and is based in Carmona, Seville. In addition to its new Guadalquivir gin and its strawberry gin, it also sells its Pure Black Edition, which has a very intense flavor, and its Classic gin, which has a fresh, citrus flavor.


New Puerto de Indias gin: Guadalquivir

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