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News | Dec 12 2019

Specialist Chocolate Maker Trapa Launches New Turrón Flavors for the Holidays

The company, which still uses a centuries-old recipe from Palencian monks, offers an updated version of turrón with two new chocolate flavors.

 Trapa turron.


It’s that time of the year again! The Christmas holiday season is almost upon us, which means that holiday products, like turrón, are back in the spotlight.

One company that stands out in particular at the moment is famed chocolate maker Trapa, which recently presented its collection of Christmas turrón, with two new flavors prepared using an ultra secret 100-year-old recipe made originally by Palencian monks but updated for today’s consumers.

The company is launching its crunchy dark chocolate and crunchy white chocolate turrones, which join its existing flavors: chocolate with hazelnuts, chocolate with almonds and crunchy milk chocolate. This new line of delicious turrones is even more impressive because it’s free of gluten, trans fatty acids and hydrogenated fats. They’re made from top-quality ingredients and come in new Christmas-themed packaging. They make the perfect gift or addition to the holiday menu.

These new products reflect the company’s commitment to innovation, design, society and the environment. The brand, which was originally founded in 1891, aims to maintain its artisan traditions alive while creating products for modern consumers. Trapa currently operates throughout Spain and in 50 countries, including Poland, Sweden, Kuwait, Egypt, Japan, Hungary, Italy, Israel, and the Netherlands


Trapa turron.

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