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News | Aug 09 2019

Espaisucre Presents Albert Adrià with Pierre Gagnaire Award

The Spanish chef was recognized for his culinary legacy, technical skill, incredible inventiveness and his commitment to advancing the creative process

 Espaisucre Presents Albert Adrià with Pierre Gagnaire Award

Superchef Albert Adrià recently received the Pierre Gagnaire Award from Espaisucre, the famous Barcelona-based culinary school. He was recognized for his “enormous and generous legacy that will go down in history and for which pastry chefs and chefs from all over the world owe him eternal gratitude.”

He received the award for his many contributions to the culinary world. This includes his scientific method and involvement in the collective works of elBulli, which ordered and classified all of the work and innovation carried out at the restaurant in Roses. According to Espaisucre, “The need to organize and classify all his work as an obsessive entomologist has helped to control and advance the mastery of creative and technical processes.”

Other reasoning behind this distinction include his “creative argument,” his “fresh vision of the world of food” and his dedication to adding value to the dining experience through innovation. Espaisucre also highlighted his prominent role in elevating Spanish tapas on the world stage, “creating a whole family of technical variants and flavors which pastry chefs and chefs nourish today.”

Lastly, this distinction is attributable to his incredible technical skill, as visible at elBulli and beyond. Nowadays chefs around the world can use, adapt and draw on the techniques that he helped “create.”

Pierre Gagnaire is a world-famous French chef based in Paris who is a leader in the fusion cuisine movement.

Espaisucre Presents Albert Adrià with Pierre Gagnaire Award / Photo by: @Guía Repsol

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