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News | Feb 01 2018

DO Bierzo to Recover Native Grape Varieties

The regulatory board of Denomination of Origin Bierzo has announced its decision to "rescue" two of the region’s little-known grape varieties.

Viñedos Bierzo

The varieties Estaladiña and Merenzao will be incorporated into the wine-making regulations of DO Bierzo, once again emphasizing this region’s dedication to its vines, vineyards and wine makers – a committment that was also made apparent in last year's decision to create new classifications based on specific geographic characteristics, and taking into account things like soil types, special climate conditions, vineyard age, location, etc.

The recovery of these two native grape varieties also comes on the heels of the Regulatory Board’s release of record-breaking sales for 2017, which reached 9,280,482 bottles – the highest number ever recorded. According to statements made by representatives of DO Bierzo’s Regulatory Board, these positive results stem from the efforts that the DO and wineries have made to spread the word about DO Bierzo wines in large export markets

New labels designate special origins and traits
Adrienne Smith /@ICEX
Viñedos Bierzo
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