Jan 17 2024

HoReCa Professionals all Over the World Learn How to Carve Spanish Ham

The training initiative aims to promote ham culture internationally and ensure than customers get the full, unique gastronomic experience

The Spanish Serrano Ham Consortium joined forces with Foods and Wines from Spain, provide extra training to HoReCa professionals in London, Mexico City, and New York,  the goal being to train foreigners in the art of ham carving to ensure that diners are their restaurants get the full, unique gastronomic experience.

The UK, Mexico, and the US are priority markets given given how well-established Spanish gastronomy is there, the variety of Spanish food and wine available, and the maturity of those markets with respect to Spanish gastronomy. The training sessions align with the commitment to gastronomic excellence and to promoting ham culture. The courses were organized with the idea that it’s extremely important to provide training in these unique specialties to ensure that professionals in those posts are able to convey the unique qualities of Spanish ham.

The goal is not only to promote ham culture internationally, but also to improve the authenticity and quality of the gastronomic experience. When ham is hand carved, it is a unique culinary experience that enhances its flavor, texture, and presentation. Carving in this way yields thin slices which are delicious and melt in the mouth, which allows diners to appreciate ham’s many qualities. Additionally, hand carving ham reduces friction and prolonged contact with the air, which helps maintain the ham’s temperature and preserve its organoleptic qualities.

The courses were held at Mercado Little Spain, in New York City, and at Bar Tozino, in London. The aim was to give additional training to those professionals who work at places with a “Restaurants from Spain” seal, which is granted by Foods & Wines from Spain to recognize the establishments that go above and beyond when it comes to serving authentic Spanish cuisine made with products from Spain.

Enhancing ham carvers’ expertise in Mexico is considered a key factor to help raise the profile of Spanish ham in the country. The courses were aimed at Spanish restaurants and importers at the business center in ICEX’s Economic and Trade Office in Mexico City. The focus is primarily on the traditional ham carving technique and the importance of this culinary job in presenting such a delicacy.

The program “allows them to enhance authenticity and the quality of the gastronomic experience while also increasing Spanish Serrano ham’s prestige around the world.”