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This website is aimed at professionals in the food and wine sector only (importers, distributors, journalists, media, cooking schools, etc.) although we are sure the final consumer will also find interesting topics.

We present you with special features about Spanish food products and Spanish wines, Spanish food and wine export companies, Spanish wine makers, chefs profiles whether Spanish or dedicated to Spanish cuisine around the world.

Every day our news section brings you the latest news on the international and Spanish scene about Spanish wines, Spanish food products, chefs, wineries, Spanish wine makers, retailing, new brands, trade fairs, etc.

And talking about business, you might find our Doing Business section useful to help you find Spanish export companies or trade and production regulations enforced in Spain.

Want to inform your customer about a particular food product or wine from Spain? We have it. Our product section offers you a three tier system of information, with a general presentation of say our cheese industry to the file of a particular cheese.

To help the trade give advice to their customer, we also offer Spanish recipes, traditional ones, tapas and signature ones cooked for us by the best chefs and food & wine matching. And the consumer will also find ideas of recipes for special occasions.

Foreign chefs can also become familiar with particular Spanish cooking techniques, modern or traditional, watching our videos in Training.

And if you belong to the media and are writing a paper on a Spanish chef, you’ll find useful information on more than one hundred, searching our Chefs profiles.

So start browsing and discover all about Foods and Wines from Spain!

Foods and Wines from Spain is also a promotion programme run by ICEX Spain Trade and Investment whose role is to promote exports of Spanish food products to Spain’s priority markets, introducing new products and developing the market for more established ones.

ICEX takes a varied strategic approach to the task, from working with Spanish producers, exporters, exporters associations and foreign importers and distributors, helping each side source products or find distribution channels, to arranging product promotions.

These in turn range from generic to product-specific promotions, in-store or through the media and are frequently run in close collaboration with groups of producers.

This website is another tool to promote Spanish food and wine.

Publisher: ICEX is the authorised government agency for the promotion of Spanish exports and Spanish companies’ international growth.

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