Jan 17 2024

Spanish Cold Cuts With Truffle: A New Spanish Gourmet Delicacy On the Rise

Some products are made with black truffle, a prime product of which Spain is a top producer in the world and which adds new and unique flavors to food


Truffled quality cold cuts is a new and growing industry. Some of the top Spanish brands are going all in with their innovative products, which includes everything from salchichón to fuet. This delicious and unique combination can be found in high quality products made both with Ibérico pork and without it, and yields an extraordinary flavor for the most discerning palates.

Companies that have rolled out these products include big names in the Ibérico business like Montellano, Fisan and Señorío de Montanera. There are also companies outside the Ibérico sector that use truffles in their cold cuts recipes. An example is Casa Riera Ordeix, which is made in the Vic area (Barcelona), with a huge tradition in the production of pork meat. They prepare a salchichón with natural black truffle.


Some of the meats, as the one from Casa Riera Ordeix, are made with black truffle (tuber melanosporum), a delicacy from Spain often referred to as “black gold.” It’s traditionally produced in central Teruel (Aragón) and northeastern Girona (Catalonia), and Spain is the world’s top producer of black winter truffles. It’s a product that is highly sought after by chefs around the world and they act as flavor enhancers while offering endless new culinary experiences.

“The truffle adds a distinctive touch to the product and pairs very well with the acorn-fed Ibérico salchichón. The truffle is introduced ground together with the spices and with the meat. We add just the right amount of truffle to give it a different flavor without losing the essence of the salchichón. It's ground black truffle, not truffle essence or oil,” says the Montellano family.