Jamón Consorcio Serrano

Cured hams (hind extremities) from white pigs, produced in accordance with the traditional processes outlined in Jamón Consorcio Serrano regulations, with an average curing period of 14 months (minimum curing period: 12 months guaranteed).

Tasting notes

The Quality Control Department of the Consorcio del Jamón Serrano Español, via quality control and selection piece by piece, seeks to provide the consumer with the guarantee of a product that not only is of high quality but it also homogenous; with a unique texture, smell and taste that identifies that the authentic Spanish Serrano Ham is regular over time.

Delicate flavor with low salt content, the product has a characteristic and pleasant aroma, with a uniform and non-fibrous consistency and a non-greasy, firm texture.

Other notes

-Texture: firm.

-Color: purple-red.

-Flavor: intense

Production / Processing method

The current process used to produce the Consorcio Serrano Ham reproduces the traditional method that has been used throughout the centuries by the Serrano Ham experts.

In order to prepare the Jamón Consorcio Serrano, the following is necessary: quality raw materials from Spain, fresh ham that complies with the origin specifications and techniques (weights, fat content level …) established by the quality regulations set by Consorcio del Jamón Serrano Español.

The process starts with the microbial stability of the fresh ham by use of low temperature and high humidity. Once this is established, we move on to the following steps:

Salting. - The main aim of this step is to add the sea salt in the fresh piece of ham, to promote dehydration and preservation. Salting period: 6-15 days.

Dry-Curing and Maduration.- The temperature is gradually raised, and at the same time, the humidity is reduced, therefore achieving a natural fusion from the fats, obtaining an even distribution of the fats throughout the muscle tissue, developing the sensory characteristics (color, aroma and taste) specific to Serrano ham.

Ageing.- Final step involved in the curing process. This is when the maturing of the cured ham reaches an end. It is done very slowly, until turning this exceptional product into what we know as Jamón Serrano. Selection.- Once the Jamón Serrano is ready to be marketed, a specialized team of food inspectors from the Consorcio del Jamón Serrano Español selects one by one the Jamón Serrano that includes all the requirements established in our quality regulations, due to its configuration and organoleptic characteristics.

Sealed.- All Serrano hams that have satisfactorily exceeded the selection process are sealed and identified with the Consorcio Serrano Seal of Approval.

In short, the Consorcio Serrano Quality Seal, which identifies Consorcio Serrano Hams, is reserved only to Spanish Serrano Ham that complies with the following quality guidelines:

• Fulfillment of the Consorcio del Jamón Serrano Español Quality standards.

• 100% Spanish pork• Manufacturing process exclusive to Spain.• European T.S.G Certification (Traditional Specialty Guarantee) that protects the denomination “Jamón Serrano”.

• Average curing period of 14 months (minimum curing period: 12 months guaranteed).

• Control of the facilities via periodic inspections and audits of each manufacturing plant, the process and the product.

• Quality guaranteed in each of the pieces, via a control number. The Consorcio Serrano Ham could be identifying by a seal of approval, heat sealed, Consorcio Serrano logo and a number control label. Only a limited production of Serrano hams earns the Exclusive Signature seal.


Consorcio del Jamón Serrano Español