Canned Tuna

Tuna is one of the most versatile fishes found on Spain's coasts. It can be prepared using various traditional recipes; however, one of the most common in Spain is canned tuna.

Canning allows fresh food, such as tuna and other fish, to be preserved for long periods without freezing it.

By following these steps, you'll learn how to can tuna and other, similar fish.

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You're going to need:
-    1 litre water
-    50 g salt
-    300 g albacore tuna
-    250 g olive oil

To begin, clean the tuna and remove all of the skin and bones.
Once the fish is clean, boil water and add salt and the tuna and let it cook for 30 minutes.

Once the tuna is cooked, take it out and cut it into smaller pieces that will fit in a container that can be hermetically sealed. Place it in the container and cover it with olive oil.

To finish, put the container in a bain-marie in a pot of boiling water and let it cook at 85º for 35 minutes.

When you remove it, you'll have a jar of canned tuna that can be consumed within the next three years.