Restaurants from Spain Certification Program


Instrument for the recognition of authentic world ambassadors of Spanish cuisine

The Certification is an instrument for the support and recognition of restaurant initiatives that are focused on cuisine, guaranteeing the level of quality of these establishments. The idea is to establish quality standards and criteria for the consumer who is looking for quality Spanish cuisine, as well as models that can be followed by restaurateurs who may wish to offer our cuisine in other parts of the world.


Spanish cuisine, central axis in the promotion of Spanish food and wine

Spanish cuisine is a central axis in the promotion of Spanish food and wine. Within this framework, ICEX has developed the “Restaurants from Spain” certification program, together with the support of other specialized agencies.


Methodology and processes

The evaluation of a concept such as “authentic quality Spanish cuisine” is not an easy task, nor is it exempt from debate. For this reason, we have used technical criteria inspired by auditing methods and quality Certifications applying the principles of objectivity, verification, practicality and transparency.


Eligibility Criteria

1. At least one person who can speak to the clients in Spanish and who can explain the concept behind the restaurant and its menu.
2. Predominance of Spanish dishes and recipes 60%.
3. PDO / PGI foods from Spain.
4. A chef who is qualified to prepare Spanish dishes and recipes.
5. Communication media platforms that show the Spanish identity of the restaurant.


In 2020 and 2021  will be implemented  in the UK, Germany, China,  Singapore, Belgium, Ireland, the Netherlands, Switzerland, the United States, Mexico and Japan as testing markets for the Certification.

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