Sep 07 2020

VOGUE JAPAN - CONDÈ NAST TRAVELLER - Liquid gold has one name: Extra Virgin Olive Oil

The essential cornerstone of the Mediterranean diet is rich in flavor, versatile and has the healthiest of attributes. Here, you'll find all the secrets.

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And now is the time to focus on the practical: once we are before this jewel of gastronomy, how can we apply it to our daily consumption and thus enjoy all its benefits? Well, the proposals are endless.

EVOO is perfect just as is whether it is to dress a salad, to have in the morning with toasted bread (add tomato for a classic Spanish breakfast!), to emulsify it or to use it in the canning of other foods.

When cooking, it is ideal for sautéing vegetables, giving the perfect touch to grilled fish or meat, to confit any food or even for frying.
In fact, even in the most avant-garde cuisine EVOO has managed to find its place: the most renowned Spanish chefs have opted to present extra virgin olive oil in multiple forms and textures, creating a revolution around it.

There is no doubt: EVOO is always present and there is no self-respecting Spanish kitchen that does not have it in it’s pantry.

Spanish olive oil. Photo by Toya Legido and Tomás Zarza/@ICEX
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