El Rincón de Alex

Type:  Spanish Cuisine, Tapas

Founded in 2006 by Valencianos descents, El Rincon de Alex is recognized as one of the best spanish restaurants in the city. Their menu counts with a wide variety of Tapas and Pintxos which constantly get renewed, and also with a specialty in rices, getting over the typical paella to more elaborated rices from Valencia as the Arroz Caldoso. Is one of the uniques restaurants which focused their whole cave of wines into the spanish ones, having currently only one not from Spain. But what makes this place really distinctive is the atmosphere that has developed along the years, becoming a spot to reunite with friends, spanish or guatemalan. This atmosphere reminds to be in a spanish bar due to the food and decoration, but also due to their terrace, which has been established as a main area of the bar. They usually reinforce this "community" ambience of the restaurant with a special off-the-menu service on fridays, with vermouth sessions after the lunch.



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El Rincón de Álex


15-24 10 Avenida Guatemala Guatemala City Guatemala