Sep 30 2023

Yes, Chef!: How to Cook Chorizo with Omar Allibhoy

'The Spanish Chef', as he is known, shares with us his love for this 'embutido' and explains how to get the most out of it

Among all Spanish embutidos, chorizo ​​may be the most popular along with jamón Ibérico. This emblem of Spanish gastronomy is also a very versatile ingredient: it can be consumed alone or cooked on the grill, cooked in cider... But it can also be an essential ingredient in stews as traditional as lentils or in iconic Spanish dishes from certain regions such as La Rioja. Patatas a la Riojana, anyone?

We spoke with Omar Allibhoy about this product and he reveals his preferences, in addition to giving us some tips on how to cook it. Allibhoy, known as The Spanish Chef, is one of the professionals who has done the most to spread Spanish cuisine in the United Kingdom. He has previously worked at elBulli under Ferran Adrià and Maze under Jason Atherton. He is also the founder of the Tapas Revolution group and opened his first restaurant at Westfield London in 2011. Yes, Chef!