Dec 17 2020

Grandes Pagos de Olivar Celebrates 15 Years in the Spotlight

The Grandes Pagos del Olivar association is comprised of six elite extra virgin olive oil producers dedicated to sustainability and excellence and whose oils are available in 70 different markets

Grandes Pagos del Olivar

Back in 2005, the Grandes Pagos de Olivar was created. This association comprises six outstanding extra virgin olive oils from Spain: Abbae de Queiles, Aubocassa, Marqués de Griñón, Castillo de Canena, Casas de Hualdo, and Marqués de Valdueza. The first three were the founding partners and the latter three joined over the years.

Although these companies are very different, they do share at least one important trait: all of their extra virgin olive oils were produced in a pago, which is a specific section of land whose innate qualities help create a very unique oil. The oil mill is usually on the same plot and the olive trees are carefully monitored.

Additionally, these companies are also committed to sustainability, innovation, knowledge transfer and the use of advanced technology, the ultimate goal of which is to produce extraordinary olive oils.

Companies looking to join this exclusive group, whose oils are available in 70 markets around the world, must be evaluated by existing members, a process which includes a review of their best practices in olive growing, the quality of their oils, their business philosophy, and any national and international distinctions they’ve received.

Grandes Pagos del Olivar