Jul 20 2021

Cecinas Nieto Gets Innovative with 100% Halal Certified Products

The company, whose products are available in around the world, is committed to selling products that meet the standards of Muslim consumers

Cecinas Nieto is putting its innovative abilities front and center with its new brand, Alazán, which features a line of 100% halal chorizo and salchichón. This will allow the small Leon-based company to offer attractive products to Muslim consumers and they’re made with beef that has been processed in line with Muslim dietary laws.This will likely be a fruitful strategy for the company, as this market is expected to grow to around 1.4 billion euros by 2023, according to Market Quest Research. This is exactly what the duo of forward-thinking brothers behind this family-run company had in mind when they inaugurated the first 100% halal PGI Cecina de León factory back in 2018.

Salchichón y chorizo Halal de Cecinas Nieto

The company has no shortage of fans around the world, many of which are in the Middle East, such as Jordan, Saudi Arabia and Qatar, and which are extremely demanding when it comes to production standards.
Cecinas Nieto has had it’s premium halal PGI Cecina de León, which is cured for 18 months, on the market for a while and is now its launching a reserva version of that product in a range of formats along with its halal-certified 100% beef chorizo and salchichón.
This impressive company has quite an international reach, selling its products in England, Switzerland and Dubai, among other countries.

El salchichón y el chorizo halal de Cecinas Nieto