Jun 28 2021

Increasing Consumption of Local Food and Last Mile

Startups in the food tech sector have been improving farm-to-fork services in a sustainable way through the digitalization of the field, facilitating direct contact with producers, as well as using sustainable last mile solutions.

Spain is home to many startups that are leading in creating solutions to working with local farmers and last mile.

Plant on Demand< is an e-commerce, ERP, CRM and logistics management platform for local producers and food hubs. It allows the creation of an online shop fully adapted to the agri-food needs that is connected with a backend platform for management. Another disruptive startup working with local ingredients is Agrosingularity that has modelled over 20 products and produces food ingredients that can be used to naturally flavour and colour food and act as vegetable fibres, vegetable proteins and can even be substituted for artificial additives. These ingredients are developed by food waste that is sourced from the primary production of fresh ‘zero kilometre’ fruits & vegetables offering a new consumption model of sustainable, and local ingredients.

When it comes to revolutionizing the last mile delivery we should mention Revoolt, a start-up dedicated to inventing and defining the future of the last mile based on two key pillars: technology and sustainability. Working with supermarkets and food companies they offer a full digital process under a model of sustainable transport and zero emissions. There are other platforms working on digitizing the full process such as Consentio, a new digital platform that leverages technology to streamline trading processes. From a smartphone or computer, you can accomplish your daily transactions. through a user interface completely adapted to your business logic.They also deliver a wide and deep connection with your usual providers and customers resulting in a business expansion and optimization of the whole Fruit and Vegetable sector.

Increasing consumption of local food and last mile