Sep 02 2021

2 Spanish Restaurants Make 2021 Best of the Best Travellers’ Choice List

El Xato and Martin Berasategui took 6th and 7th place on Tripadvisor’s were on the list of the 10 Best Fine Dining Restaurants in the World

The results of the Travellers’ Choice – The Best of the Best 2021 international awards are in, which recognizes the top high-end restaurants from around the world. And no list of the best restaurants in the world would be complete without a few from Spain, so it’s unsurprising that El Xato, in Alicante, and Martín Berasategui, in the Basque Country, were both included. These two locales were among the 10 Best Fine Dining Restaurants on the planet, taking 6th and 7th places, respectively

The featured reviews of El Xato noted that it had “Amazing variation in every dish,” and was the “Perfect Michelin star dinner,” while Martín Berasategui’s restaurant was described as “The best combinations of flavors we have ever experienced. The meal was culinary poetry.

Martín Berasategui

These distinctions are organized by Tripadvisor, the popular website that gathers comments and reviews from travelers around the world. The distinctions are chosen according to opinions collected for a 12-month period and aim to recognize restaurants based on their service, quality, customer satisfaction and response from personnel. An algorithm is used to select the restaurants that have impressed diners the most.

El Xato, run by chef Cristina Figueira, which boasts one Michelin star, has received plenty of other distinctions, including recognition from ElTenedor. Martín Berasategui, one of the many locales owned by the chef of the same name and who has 12 Michelin stars in total among his seven restaurants, is known for offering cutting-edge cuisine and unique gastronomic experiences.

Martín Berasategui and Cristina Figueira