Apr 01 2022

Redzepi: “Spanish Gastronomy is as Relevant as it’s Ever Been”

René Redzepi talks about Spanish food and reveals his favorite product at Madrid Fusión Alimentos de España

René Redzepi, from world-famous restaurant Noma, shared his thoughts about Spanish food in an intimate and brief interview. When asked for his opinion about the current status of Spanish gastronomy, Redzepi opined, “It’s as relevant as it’s ever been. I really believe that. In these years, your experience and the Spanish influence is a natural part of any fine dining kitchen in the Western world. It’s still there.”

René Redzepi about Spanish Gastronomy

When asked about his absolute favorite ingredient or product from Spain, he showed his appreciation for one of the country’s most iconic products and didn’t hesitate to answer: “It has to be the jamón. We come from Denmark, and when we come here and eat jamón it’s like a treasure to us.” Spanish products are definitely popular at his home. He confessed that, when cooking for his family, “We use a lot of olive oil from Spain, we eat good olives, we have jamón, the good chorizo… and I wish I could get some of the seafood from Galicia, but unfortunately we can’t.” At Madrid Fusión Alimentos de España, Redzepi was also named European Chef of the Year, and he also took part in a presentation with Andoni Luis Aduriz, of Mugaritz fame, where they spoke about innovation and the future of gastronomy.

René Redzepi in Madrid Fusión 2022