Dec 02 2022

Certified Restaurants From Spain - Gastroguide USA

The list of certified Restaurants From Spain is growing across the country. Discover the latest who’s who of Spanish restaurants and add them to your list to visit. Who’s hungry?

Recognized globally as Spain’s stamp of approval on a restaurant's authenticity, Restaurants From Spain certification is being awarded to many top notch and authentic establishments across the country. This ever growing list is making us hungry - so let’s get a taste of what’s on offer!

Cafe Ba-Ba-Reeba!  

Hello Chicago, IL, meet this local gem, which has been championing Spanish cuisine for over 30 years.. Cafe Ba-Ba-Reeba! - and also its sister venue, Lil’ Ba-Ba-Reeba - both serve up authentic tapas, pintxos and sangria in Chicago.

Must try: albondigas al Jerez - meatballs in sherry


Meanwhile, over in Beverly Hills, Los Angeles, the upscale Tatel restaurant - located in the Golden Triangle - promises all that glitz, with authentic Spanish cuisine and live performances.

Must try: grilled ibérico pork loin

El Mercat Bar de Tapas 

Downtown Rockville, Maryland is the home of El Mercat Bar de Tapas by executive chef George Rodrigues. Combining simple, seasonal dishes with true Spanish flavors, inspired by the greats.

Must try: paella vegetariana

Joselito Casa de Comidas 

Located on Capitol Hill, Washington DC, Casa de Comidas is an intimate restaurant. Owner, Spanish native Javier Candon, describes it as a homage to his late father and a celebration of life around food.

Must try: Salpicón de gambas, mejillones y pulpo seafood salad

Canela Bistro & Wine Bar  

If you go to San Francisco, be sure to visit Canela Bistro there! Not only with its ingredients imported from Spain, but also using local organic produce, Canela is Spanish by nature.

Must try: stuffed piquillo peppers

Mercado Little Spain  

We can’t talk about Restaurants From Spain without mentioning the Mercado Little Spain in New York City. All four of the restaurants within its Hudson Yards setting have received the Restaurants From Spain certification - Leña, Mar,  Spanish Diner, La Barra - and Chef José Andrés leading the dream team, that’s not surprising!

Must try: charcoal roasted Spanish artichokes with romesco sauce

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