Dec 16 2022

New Series: 'José Andrés and Family in Spain'

The chef will travel the country with this 3 daughters and share their exciting and gastronomic adventures while raising the profile of Spanish food

José Andrés is in the spotlight again with a new project. This time, he has a new series on the TV Channel Discovery+ which officially begins on December 27th.

The documentary series, entitled " José Andrés and Family in Spain," will follow the humanitarian chef and his family on a culinary adventure throughout the country. Specifically, he'll be setting out with his daughters Ines, Lucia, and Carlota.

The family will head to Valencia, where they'll dive deep into the world of paella, and in Madrid they'll feast on specialties like churros and slow-cooked lamb. In Barcelona they'll tuck into a creative cuisine, and in Andalusia they’ll try Bluefin tuna.

As the chef says, "There's no better way to learn about Spanish culture and with a fork and spoon in hand." Episodes will feature other characters as well, including chefs, friends of the family, and local experts.

In addition to being a world-renowned chef, Andrés also runs the non-profit World Central Kitchen, which provides meals to people  affected by natural disasters. He owns a growing list of restaurants in cities across the US, from Washington DC (Jaleo) and Chicago to Las Vegas and Los Angeles, and has many honorary doctorates from top universities.