Nov 04 2022

Pezconocidos, an Innovative New Project Promoting Ocean Sustainability

This pioneering project seeks to develop unique recipes, use 100% of fish that have been caught, and consume less common species

There’s a new project in motion thanks to the efforts of Compass Group, Grupo Nueva Pescanova, and chef Ángel León. Pezconocidos is an innovative gastronomic initiative that seeks to highlight the very best fishing resources. Ultimately, the goal is to maximize fishing by developing new products made from fish that are rarely consumed today.

As part of this project, Ángel León will develop new ways of eating the particular species fished by Grupo Nueva Pescanova and he will create industrial-level recipes. Then, Compass Group will serve his creative recipes in those places where it offers its gastronomic services.

This project aims to support the sustainability of our oceans and focus on the importance of using 100% of the fish we catch, given that the seas’ resources are limited and consumption continues to rise. León has been working with this philosophy for years, and it’s how he operates his restaurant Aponiente. This initiative will give him the opportunity to share it with many more people.

According to Grupo Nueva Pescanova, “Ensuring healthy oceans and a better future for our planet is one of our main challenges… At Pezconocidos, we’ll be using every part of the fish we catch—a new proposal for products made with species that are not often available for consumers.”