Oct 05 2022

Creole Roots for New Orleans Spanish Cuisine: a Yummy Gastroguide

Creole flavors of New Orleans are historically - partially at least - attributed to Spanish cuisine. So, let’s check out the Spanish dining institutions that have set the scene in New Orleans!

Did you know that the creole flavors of New Orleans cuisine are historically - at least partially - attributed to Spanish cuisine? It’s no wonder then that New Orleans is looking back to its roots - to move forward with a new wave of Spanish settlers to hit the dining scene. Let’s check it out!

Lola’s New Orleans

Located under a rather large tree in the Bayou St. John area, the food at this quaint Spanish restaurant speaks for itself. Intrinsically linked to Barcelona Tapas restaurant (as below), Lola’s of New Orleans takes pride in offering the freshest fish, a fusion of sides, tapas, steaming paellas and an ample cocktail menu!

Must try: Ajoblanco almond soup and the grilled calamari

Barcelona Tapas 

Barcelona Tapas evokes everything about having tapas in Barcelona, right down to Chef Xavier Laurentino’s jaw-dropping account of how this restaurant became one of New Orleans’ most prominent Spanish dining institutions - read his story to see his connection to Lola’s. This is a cause for celebration of all the gastronomical history therein. If you’re looking for an authentic and lively slice of gourmet Spain, you will definitely find it at Barcelona Tapas in New Orleans!

Must try: Paella Valenciana or the Creole Fideuá


Costera is the date-night sweetheart of Uptown, a wonderful homage to Spanish cuisine that still retains a cozy, downhome feel. Enjoy a carefully curated seafood selection, family menu and happy hour options that appeal to all.

Must-try: Jamón ibérico with Almonds or Scallops a la Plancha with Saffron Fideos and Bacon