Oct 07 2022

European Commission Approves Creation of Alubia de Anguiano PDO

Special efforts by Anguiano bean producers, together with the area’s climate and soil, yields beans with important ties to the place where they’re produced 

Great news from Anguiano beans from La Rioja: The European Commission recently approved their new protected designated origin, Alubia de Anguiano PDO. There are currently more than 1,500 products and foods with these special geographical indications.

According to the commission, “Local producers’ experience is very important as they have been selecting seeds for years with a view to improving quality and their ability to adapt to the region.” This distinction is particularly special as it is the first of its kind in this specific area of La Rioja.

Local producers are very pleased and will remain committed to delivering top-quality beans while also increasing production. They have been working for decades to produce a stellar product, and this PDO recognizes that the beans have very special qualities. This is also attributable to the area’s climate and soil.

The Association of Alubia de Anguiano Bean Producers was created in 2013 and it originally sought PDO status in 2020. The area currently comprises 30 hectares, where 35 producers work to yield 30,000 kilos.

Previously, the beans were mainly sold in La Rioja and the Basque Country, but now that it’s available online, it has expanded its reach to areas including Andalusia.