Sep 02 2022

Spain’s La Sagra Premium Lager Takes Home Gold Medal at the World Beer Awards 2022

This unique and complex beer, made by the Toledo-based brewery La Sagra, was a standout in the Czech Style Pale category

One Spanish beer is definitely in celebration mode. La Sagra Premium Lager, from the Toledo-based brewery La Sagra, received a gold medal at the World Beer Awards 2022, in the Czech Style Pale category.This beer has also received other distinctions, including a bronze medal at the London Beer Competition, a silver medal at the Concours International de Lyon, and a bronze medal at the Barcelona Beer Challenge.

La Sagra Premium Lager has a lot of personality, a light body, a gradual bitterness, and a malty finish. It’s an intense golden color and boasts a complex aroma. It’s made with water, barley malt, hops, and yeast and the brewing technique combines traditional processes and innovative methods.

More than 3,200 beers from over 50 countries around the world participated in this prestigious international competition. They were evaluated by a panel of experts who blind tasted and scored them during three separate rounds. 

As the beer industry is constantly developing and changing, brands need to figure out how to stand out in the crowd, whether that’s with their flavor, their marketing, or some other aspect. And it looks like La Sagra knows exactly how to do it.