Apr 15 2023

elBulli to Reopen Its Doors as a Museum

Ferran Adrià is working hard to maintain elBulli’s legacy and function as an experimental laboratory 

Foodies who never got to make a pilgrimage to one of the world’s most famous restaurants, elBulli, will now be able to go. Ferran Adrià is reopening its doors, but not as a restaurant; it’s opening as a museum in June.

His new project is called elBulli 1846, and the goal is twofold: to maintain the restaurant’s legacy and to operate as an experimental laboratory, similar to the restaurant’s philosophy.

elBullifoundation. Exposició pública. Un projecte per compartir

Adrià said, in El País, “It’s a museum where we explain what elBulli did to make it have the success it had and still has. A restaurant that marked a paradigm shift in Western gastronomy. elBulli will be seen just as it was. The people who knew it will be moved. Nothing will be eaten.”

The restaurant, in Roses (Girona), was initially taken over by Adrià in 1987. Ten years later, it had been recognized with 3 Michelin stars and was easily considered one of the best in the world. Adrià made a name for himself within the molecular gastronomy movement. It finally closed its doors in 2011.

Although there have been plans to reopen since its closure, his original ideas were blocked. Now, finally, fans and foodies from all over the world will be able to go to elBulli.