May 10 2023

Cooking with Black Gold - Trufa Negra: Get Inspired with this Recipes!

Chefs have long-revered the aromatic qualities of black truffle. The quest for the luxury fungus takes place in both winter and summer - so it’s time to get inspired with trufa negra!

Spain is one of the world’s highest ranking black truffle producers. The quest for this elusive ‘black gold’ takes place in both winter and in summer when there are additional varieties to find besides. Moreover, chefs have long revered the aromatic qualities of the particular black luxury fungus, traditionally featured on Michelin starred menus. In modern times, black truffle is being used in unusual ways and in more casual and unexpected forms - from sweet/savory play to tapas and chips. Let’s take a look at some inspiration from Spain.

Products that have already captured the hearts, and taste buds, of many consumers include queso con trufa - Spanish cheese laced with truffle, or aceite con trufa - where high quality Extra Virgin Olive Oil is given an umami kick with the black stuff. For example, Mas Montseny Black Truffle Oil uses Solsonés truffles for an intoxicating taste and finish. Even with charcuterie - Spanish embutidos - there are certain cured meats on the market for truffle connoisseurs, namely Casa Riera Ordeix, which has been making truffled salchichón with the same recipe since 1852!

Delicious cheese, fresh black truffles and thyme on wooden plate, closeup

Meanwhile, in top Spanish dining establishments, chefs are combining their trufa negra with a great partner to enhance its flavor - creamy dishes are elevated with these unmistakable heady notes. Chef Ferran Adria has elevated canelones with mushrooms and bechamel trufada, while other chefs have added trufa negra to tortilla de patatas  and croquetas. Brunch-style dishes get a truffle ruffle, in huevos estrellados con patatas, jamon y trufa. We’re even seeing desserts featuring the stuff, for savory mouthfeel layering - it seems the richer the dish, the better the pairing! An ideal wine for trufa negra would be a Trepat varietal from Conca de Barbera DO - its fruity acidity contrasts the full mouthfeel with earthy notes that hark back to the forest.

If you want to try some easy trufa negra recipes, there are many white fish with truffle dishes to get you started, and some plant-based options too - a Spanish rice dish with truffle, anyone? For truffle newbies who want to test the water with an accessible format, the Sal de Ibiza brand has white truffle potato chips that offer a more subtle taste, or try soft cheese on truffle crackers as your next canapé!

Olive oil flavored with black truffle on a wooden table